Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup

We have received some initial enquiries from clubs asking about flexibility around England qualifying for the Rugby World Cup Final next Saturday. 2nd November.

We give the following guidance.

NO CANCELLATIONS with the fixtures re-allocated to another date/slip date will be authorised or allowed (i.e. we expect all games planned to be played on 2nd November to be played on 2nd November.

In East Men's League Prem A and B and East Women's League Prem, plus all other divisions where Pool Appointed umpires are provided NO changes will be accepted. In all other divisions the League Management Committee are happy if, due to a home pitch being available, for the times of games to be altered. THIS MUST BE BY AGREEMENT.

NO time change can be imposed by a home club and where a pitch has multiple bookings the existing pitch slot allocations should NOT be altered.

Where both teams agree to a change of time due to a pitch being available the League Manager will expect to see an email from the home club suggesting the time and venue change to the away club and a return email from the away club to the home club confirming agreeing to the change. In the emails the League Manager will expect to see the contact details of both captains (including mobile phone details) shared and details regarding umpire provision confirmed. These changes should be reflected on the League website.

No changes shall be allowed after 17.00 of Wednesday, 30th October.
As per East League Rule 4.3.3 no club should feel obliged or bullied into accepting a time change against a previously agreed date and time, however this instruction is aimed at allowing flexibility if an opportunity presents itself to clubs.

Best wishes,

Neil Liversedge
East League Secretary
4.3.3 Notifying times and venues
At least 4 weeks before the start of the season, a club must input to the league website details of the venues and start times of all its home league matches to be played up to the mid-season break. The same information must be provided by the end of November for all matches after the break. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in the League Manager imposing a fine of £5 per fixture, though this may be waived under exceptional circumstances. The start of the season is defined as the first scheduled date on which an East League game shall take place.

Changes made after this cut-off must be input to the league website and also be notified directly and immediately to opposition clubs and umpiring pool organisers. Messages left without response and emails without answers are not acceptable as notifications. An away team should not refuse time or venue changes notified at least a week before the fixture. An away team in need of information is expected to contact the home club.

If failure to give sufficient notice to all parties leads to a match not being played, the League Manager may decide on a postponement, award the match 0-5, or void the match.