Return the Trophies

Return the Trophies

Were you part of a club who won an East Division League last season, if so this news post is for you.

The time has come to trace, clean and return the trophies to us by Tuesday 31st March (and that is the deadline for us receiving the trophies not the deadline for you to send them!!!!), I they are no received by this date Rule 2.8 says that there will be a £50 fine per division.

The trophies were presented to you spotlessly clean and the trophies need to be returned that way, so please trace the trophies, remove any debris or foreign bodies, clean it really well and return the trophy suitably packaged. Any need for a trophy to be cleaned or repaired will result in a fine to the club of at least £20 and upwards to the direct cost of repair charged back to the club. The cost of returning trophies and the packaging is borne by each club.

This year League Manager Chris Perry has agreed to collect the trophies and all packages should be sent to his address at 74 Port Vale, Hertford, SG14 3AF. Chris often is at work when the postman arrives, so please feel free to add on the delivery instructions "If not in deliver to The Millstream Public House, Hertford, SG14 3AF.

We really do look forwards to receiving your trophies on time and genuinely we hate imposing any fines, so meeting the deadline and cleaning the trophies is in your interest. You will understand that once we get them back we have to get the trophies looking spick and span for this years League Division winners.