New pitch for Longsutton HC!

After 2 years of fund-raising Long Sutton Community Sports Association in conjunction with Long Sutton Hockey Club have managed to secure the funds to replace the carpet on their all-weather pitch at the Peele Leisure Centre in the town.

The Club is approaching its centenary year and whilst the existing carpet had given 21 years great service, wear and tear meant that without replacing it the Club would be likely to have no pitch to play on.

The Club then embarked on a fund raising drive that involved applying for Grants from Sports Bodies and Charitable Trusts as well as raising funds from a number of club organised activities.
After a lot of hard work the target of £200,000 was achieved; with considerable financial help from bodies such as Sport England, the Hockey Foundation, the Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust and the Gedney Wind Cluster Fund, as well as considerable donations coming from a number of ex players, friends and benefactors to get the Club over the goal line.

The last games on the old carpet will be played on 26th October, with the works commencing on 28th October; the new carpet being in place in time for the post-Christmas restart on the 4th January. During this time the Club are working with the East Hockey League and other clubs to rearrange fixtures.

The pitch not only provides a venue for league hockey but also allows Junior hockey to thrive in the town, an all-weather sports facility for the Academy students next door and a venue which can be hired by other local sports clubs, so it is good news for the wider local community too as well as the hockey club.

Long Sutton Hockey Club Chair lady, Lorraine Wallis enthusiastically said 'With this new carpet, Long Sutton will once again offer playing facilities at a level that would not be expected for a rural small town, however the funds raised and the support and commitment given by ex and current players really shows the love this club has in both the hockey community and the wider community as a whole. Whether like me you have played for the club for more years than I care to mention or you are a Junior just starting out on your journey with Long Sutton, this is something we have looked forward to for some time as well as something that we should be thankful of the support we have received and proud of the work we have put in to get us to this position; The existence of a hockey pitch is not only secured for the life of this carpet but plans are set in place for the next replacement as well! I would also like to say that without the help and support from Sport England, England Hockey, the Hockey Foundation, the Alan Boswell Group Charitable Trust and the Gedney Wind Cluster Fund as well of the hard work of all of the members of the Fund Raising Committee we would not have achieved this!'

Long Sutton Hockey Club - Chair lady Lorraine Wallis 07810 123310
Long Sutton Community Sports Association Limited - Director Cllr Nick Worth