A message from East League Secretary

A message from East League Secretary

Ahead of the start of the season on Saturday!

Hi All,

For those who do not know me please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Neil Liversedge and I am the East League Secretary.

The purpose of the message is to detail to each club who participate in the East League the process to follow in entering your results onto the new website. Today is the Wednesday prior to the season starting on Saturday and I make no apology in leaving writing this instruction until now. With over 5400 individual league games and over 24000 goals predicted to be scored I am sure you understand, this is the key thing you need us to get right and we want to get it right.

I am sure that there will be some errors along the way and we wont get it all 100% right first time, so please encourage your members to use the system and have patience as well.

It is important that you as Hon Sec, MLO or WLO forward this process to your captains and vice captains as soon as possible and ensure that they know and understand the process. Also ask yourself this right now?

Do I, or my Hon Sec or MLO or WLO have the password?

If you haven't email either myself or our web developer Simon NOW. Saturday will be too late, both Simon and I are hockey people too and we will be out playing or officiating or socialising in the club house. Simon's email address is erha.erhl@gmail.com.

Can I please ask that you do not practice this ahead of Saturday, as there will be no fixtures to play with until then and you may well receive a "file not found!" message.

So here's the process.

Reporting a Result

1 - Go to the http://www.hockey-east.co.uk homepage
2 - Look at the right hand side of the page and click on the Manage Your Club tab
3 - Find your club from the pick list and click on it
4 - Enter your clubs password
5 - Click on the Manage Your Fixtures tab (the results tab should be the default tab, if not click on the results tab)
6 - Against the relevant game click edit (look at the right hand side of the screen you will see a pencil - click there!!!!)
7 - Enter your results against the relevant teams
8 - Check the result......... no really check it
9 - If the result is correct press save

*Note here that once you press save the result is classed as final. If you have made a mistake then you need to contact your League Manager immediately, leaving a message if they are not able to take your call.
* Note the cut off time for result reporting is 7pm on the day the game is played. After 7pm you will have no access to the results reporting tool and you must phone your League Manager
* There is no current ability to enter scores for re-arranged games, please contact your League Manager.


1) If you do not have your password or are not sure what it is please contact me or Simon our web developer before Saturday 21st September.
2) If for any reason you cannot load any of the pages quoted in the process please contact your League Manager to record the result.
This must be carried out by 7pm. If the League Manager is not present leave a message. The League Manager may question your methods if other clubs in the same division have recorded their results. They may well have little patience with you if you do not have your password! League Managers certainly will not have your passwords!

If you have any questions at all please contact either Neil Liversedge, East League Secretary or your League Manager or if it is specifically website related Simon our web developer.

Best wishes,

Neil Liversedge
East League Secretary
ps are you sure your club has paid its East League entry fee - we have written to all outstanding clubs directly and placed their names on a news item on the website
pps have you sent the contact details of your teams captains and vice captains to the relevant League Managers. The deadline was last weekend, so you are late but not too late so please help us help you by getting this done!!!